Norreport – The green citygate of Karlshamn

In the attempt to identify core issues in the central parts of Karlshamn, regarding the built environment, the lack of urban green spaces emerged. The project, Norreport – The green city gate of Karlshamn, suggests a new city park in the historical city gate- Norreport – located north of where the city grid pattern isContinue reading “Norreport – The green citygate of Karlshamn”

Tensile test creation for Roxtec thesis

The goal of the thesis was to see how moisture and temperature correlates to the Young’s modulus and what parameters had the greatest influence on its magnitude. Roxtec provided us with PA66GF25, 25% glass fiber reinforced polyamide 6.6 (also called nylon 6.6) frames which they use around their cable fittings. These frames were subsequently cutContinue reading “Tensile test creation for Roxtec thesis”

Making relocation in VR feel real.

Our project was to build a product that solves the problem of making relocation in VR feel real. At the same time, it would give an extra layer of deepening sense of reality in the form of tilt and spin, which makes the movement feel even more real as the movements in the game alsoContinue reading “Making relocation in VR feel real.”

VR simulator for use in a wheelchair.

In the course Innovative and Sustainable Development 1, we contacted the user experience company Okatima. We were asked to develop a concept for a VR simulator based on the experience of using a wheelchair. This product was intended to be used at the Kreativum experience center for all visitors, small and large, to move inContinue reading “VR simulator for use in a wheelchair.”

Cutting dies for polymer specimencration

This report describes the utilization of equipment at BTH Innovation Labs for the project work titled ‘The effects of stress triaxiality on the fracture strain of polymer’. In this project, polymer specimens of different geometries namely, A10, PS and Shear were prepared using cutting dies and tested in uniaxial tension in the MTS Qtest100 tensileContinue reading “Cutting dies for polymer specimencration”

DNES for tracking Dirt Digitally

The high degree of digitization in today’s society enables tracking of materials and equipment at construction sites, which provides a deeper understanding and potentially optimizes efficiency. In this way, you can optimize the use while making demands on suppliers on what type of material and equipment you as a customer want and be able toContinue reading “DNES for tracking Dirt Digitally”


The company we are collaborating with manufactures furniture and other household items by large scale 3D-printing. At that scale, there are visible edges for each printed layer. Our product eliminates those edges by rolling each side, just behind the nozzle – the material comes out flattened on the sides, and eliminates the appearance of layers.Continue reading “Eftersläp”

Digital twin of liner Wasa (1778)

The project was about making a digital twin of the liner Wasa (1778). The project was done together with Blue Science Park, Marine Museum and BTH innovation labs. The intention with the digital twin is to be able to do simulations and calculations on the liner Wasa and see how it would behave under differentContinue reading “Digital twin of liner Wasa (1778)”