Plastic Flange Deformation (PFD)

Due to the global energy crisis there is a vast increase in demand for heat exchangers that reduces the energy consumption during energy transfer between mediums. The current manufacturing process for brazed heat exchangers at the world leading manufacturer, Alfa Laval, involves a partial assembly process called Plastic Flange Deformation (PFD). The current PFD processContinue reading “Plastic Flange Deformation (PFD)”

Smart Bin solution

The project group brought to the development of a Smart Bin solution that uses image recognition technology to award users with virtual points when recycling waste. The bins are easily located using geotagging and different amount of points are rewarded depending on the type of waste being recycled. These can be further spent in shops,Continue reading “Smart Bin solution”

Tourists with children

The project group identified early on the “tourists with children” persona as main target group for the solution, exploiting storytelling as a way to motivate people to behave sustainably and recycle their waste. The pointy design of the top is intended to discourage people to leave the trash on the bin, instead than inside it,Continue reading “Tourists with children”

Norreport – The green citygate of Karlshamn

In the attempt to identify core issues in the central parts of Karlshamn, regarding the built environment, the lack of urban green spaces emerged. The project, Norreport – The green city gate of Karlshamn, suggests a new city park in the historical city gate- Norreport – located north of where the city grid pattern isContinue reading “Norreport – The green citygate of Karlshamn”

Augmented Reality and 3D Printing for Archaeological Heritage: Evaluation of Visitor Experience

Augmented Reality (AR) and 3D printing have increasingly been used in archaeological and cultural heritage to make artifacts and environments accessible to the general public. The Department of Computer Science and the Innovation Labs at BTH collaborated by digitizing and 3D printing the remains of an ancient dog skeleton, the Ljungaviken dog, dated around 8000Continue reading “Augmented Reality and 3D Printing for Archaeological Heritage: Evaluation of Visitor Experience”


Autonomous, multirole and modular surface vehicle STINGRAY is a fully autonomous and modular surface vessel. Due to the innovative modular system, STINGRAY can effortlessly adapt to a variety of different tasks. This includes port security and safety, search and rescue, environmental research and swarming. The finished autonomous vessel, STINGRAY, uses both a microcontroller and aContinue reading “Stingray”

Popup green infrastructure for construction

Volvo prompt:  The prompt – popup green infrastructure for construction Question How might we support EV/alternative energy sources adoption in places where there is no infrastructure (or is broken) but has the greatest needs? As the global population constantly increases in combination with the electrification of vehicles and other equipment becoming more and more common,Continue reading “Popup green infrastructure for construction”

Robot to demonstrate cleaning efficiency

The objective was to develop a solution for the company PT Professional which is the financier behind the project.The company are mostly known for their innovative cleaning detergent “z-water” which contains of more than 99% water. Most costumers are skeptical that z-water can achieve the same cleaning efficiency or better than chemical detergents.The solution providedContinue reading “Robot to demonstrate cleaning efficiency”