Advanced additive lab

Here you can find more advanced 3D printers and other equipment that could be usefull in your projects

3D printer Stratasys F370

A 3D printer for professional prototyping that can print in PLA, ABS, ASA and PC-ABS. The software for printing is GrabCAD Print

Read more about GrabCAD and download the software

3D printer Mark two

Mark two can replace machined aluminum tooling—jigs, jaws, and fixtures.
Available plastics are Onyx, Nylon and available fibers are Carbon fiber, fiberglass, Kevlar®, HSHT fiberglass

Read more about Mark two and download the software

3D-scanner Artec Leo

Artec Leo is a professional wireless handheld 3D-scanner that has onboard automatic processing.

Read more about Artec Leo

Artec Leo brochure

Miniguide to the scanner

iPadscanner with structure sensor pro

With the 3D sensor connected to an iPad you can scan objects in 3D.

Read more about structure sensor

Mavic 2 drone

Drones that weigh between 500 grams and 2 kg require that the remote pilot has completed training and has an A3 drone card. (Our drone weighs 907 gr) They may be flown at a safe distance of at least 150 meters sideways from residential, commercial, industrial or recreational areas. If the remote pilot has completed approved A2 training with associated internship, the distance may be reduced to at least 50 meters laterally.
If you do not have a drone card, we can film for you.

More about the rules on transportstyrelsen (In Swedish)

Read more about Mavic 2

Nikon 3500 with 18-55 and 70-300 lenses

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