Plastic Flange Deformation (PFD)

Due to the global energy crisis there is a vast increase in demand for heat exchangers that reduces the energy consumption during energy transfer between mediums. The current manufacturing process for brazed heat exchangers at the world leading manufacturer, Alfa Laval, involves a partial assembly process called Plastic Flange Deformation (PFD). The current PFD processContinue reading “Plastic Flange Deformation (PFD)”

Popup green infrastructure for construction

Volvo prompt:  The prompt – popup green infrastructure for construction Question How might we support EV/alternative energy sources adoption in places where there is no infrastructure (or is broken) but has the greatest needs? As the global population constantly increases in combination with the electrification of vehicles and other equipment becoming more and more common,Continue reading “Popup green infrastructure for construction”

Tensile test creation for Roxtec thesis

The goal of the thesis was to see how moisture and temperature correlates to the Young’s modulus and what parameters had the greatest influence on its magnitude. Roxtec provided us with PA66GF25, 25% glass fiber reinforced polyamide 6.6 (also called nylon 6.6) frames which they use around their cable fittings. These frames were subsequently cutContinue reading “Tensile test creation for Roxtec thesis”

DNES for tracking Dirt Digitally

The high degree of digitization in today’s society enables tracking of materials and equipment at construction sites, which provides a deeper understanding and potentially optimizes efficiency. In this way, you can optimize the use while making demands on suppliers on what type of material and equipment you as a customer want and be able toContinue reading “DNES for tracking Dirt Digitally”

Reglove -recyclable single use gloves

A project between Blekinge Institute of Technology and Stanford University. ReGlove, a circular solution for recycling and remanufacturing Personal Protective Equipment in the form of single-use gloves made from a special form of Polyvinyl alcohol. The solutions consist of machines that are designed to facilitate the loop from cleaning and sterilizing used material to aContinue reading “Reglove -recyclable single use gloves”