Making relocation in VR feel real.

Our project was to build a product that solves the problem of making relocation in VR feel real. At the same time, it would give an extra layer of deepening sense of reality in the form of tilt and spin, which makes the movement feel even more real as the movements in the game also make the person move in the same way in reality. All this would be solved at the same time as the product could be used by everyone and from there came the idea to use a wheelchair. There are three pistons that can make the platform lean in different planes and go straight up and down when all of them are used at the same time. The spinning is driven by a motor which with a chain is connected to the bicycle gear. This allows it to spin both clockwise and counterclockwise.
Made by: Oliver Nilsson, Kevin Ha, Simon Olsson, Daniel Magnusson and Jan Ochia Lim.

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