Intelligent switches for cable tracks

This project consisted of being provided with a problem from a local company, in our case NKT in Karlskrona, and working together with said company to create a solution in the form of a prototype. NKT is a cable producer in Karlskrona and during production their cables are switched from one track to another when another cable needs to be produced. The process of switching between cable tracks is a time consuming process and the cable is not adequately supported. Therefore, a switch is needed to be created that can be adaptable to several places where a cable might need switching. A switch with a 2×2 inlet and 2×2 outlet was created so that two cables can go from any inlet to any outlet without interfering with each other. A third cable can be added but then only simple switching can be made.
Alex Fredin, Daniel Stridsberg, Mattias Pogén and Nicke Fridström.

Collaboration with

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