Reglove -recyclable single use gloves

Reglove Student projects at BTH

A project between Blekinge Institute of Technology and Stanford University.

ReGlove, a circular solution for recycling and remanufacturing Personal Protective Equipment in the form of single-use gloves made from a special form of Polyvinyl alcohol. The solutions consist of machines that are designed to facilitate the loop from cleaning and sterilizing used material to a remanufacturing plant, where the material, in liquid form, is molded into a new glove. By packing the machines needed in a Volvo or Mack truck that you can then drive on site, you have a rolling glove factory that can be used to allow healthcare institutions to be self-sufficient and to a greater extent independent of external deliveries to their operations.

ReGlove finishes top 20 in the James Dyson Award

Blekinge Institute of Technology Team: Axel Sjöberg, Albert Eriksson, Adam Backman, Johan Olsson Stjernberg, Marcus Skoog
Stanford University Team: Juhi Madan, Emily Yang, Mikel Zuñiga, Bennett Bolen.

Student thesis
Student thesis

Read more about Reglove here

Collaboration with

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