Robot to demonstrate cleaning efficiency

The objective was to develop a solution for the company PT Professional which is the financier behind the project.
The company are mostly known for their innovative cleaning detergent “z-water” which contains of more than 99% water. Most costumers are skeptical that z-water can achieve the same cleaning efficiency or better than chemical detergents.
The solution provided makes it possible to demonstrate z-waters efficiency in comparison with other detergents without human interaction.
It is a fair and neutral comparison since the amount of pressure and the imitiation of hand motion are the same for all detergents.

The final solution offers PT Professional
• The possibility to switch between different modules since the cleaning industry uses alot of different cloths and cleaning pads.
• A design which can handle interchangeable test plates, this will make it possible to demonstrate on different material surfaces.
• A durable table with folding legs to facilitate during transportation.
Made By: Aghiad Mijel, Anton Haller, Kevin Ha, Omar Abasi & Sejf Abbas

Collaboration with

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