Autonomous, multirole and modular surface vehicle

STINGRAY is a fully autonomous and modular surface vessel. Due to the innovative modular system, STINGRAY can effortlessly adapt to a variety of different tasks. This includes port security and safety, search and rescue, environmental research and swarming.

The finished autonomous vessel, STINGRAY, uses both a microcontroller and a microprocessor as data carriers of all the electronic components. This makes it possible to get GPS location, velocity, pitch and rolling. Using different programs we make it possible to control the boat over 4G/ LTE autonomously. The vessel is also equipped with a camera stabilization module, armed with a live feed camera. In case of an emergency or loss of connection a redundant system for the vessel is also connected by a radio-controlled joystick. The autonomous vessel is intended to use a modular system consisting of a permanent box and a mission box, based on the mission the vessel is intended to perform. The advantage of using modular boxes is that the vessel is not limited to a single task but can be used for several different tasks.
Philip Somehagen, Sofia Glashoff, Magnus Eriksson & Samuel Nyberg

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