Robotrace 2022

MT1538 Projektkurs 1

The task this year was to use two cooperating mobile autonomous units to retrieve unsorted material (balls) from a given place and then place the different types of content in other designated places (the right kind in the right place). The goal is to succeed in placing as many as possible correctly sorted objects in the right place within 10 minutes. The robots must complete the task based on the given topology for the course and certain given data, ie without knowing exactly what the course looks like.
During the competition, all placement and use of the units must be done by the examiner assigned to the user without the influence of the development groups. The competition time is calculated from when the user gets access to the developed product and possibly included instructional material, and that the competition leader places an order on which material is desired to be delivered to the container of each unloading station.

This year, all teams managed the task during the competition, where only one attempt is allowed! Group 3 & 4 had 88 correctly placed balls and was the winner

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