CNC in our Wooden lab

In our wooden lab we have a CNC machine that you can use to mill wood or plastic

To be able to use the machine , you need to have Inventor and Inventor CAM installed on your computer.

  • In the CAM module for Inventor, the following post-processor (ZIP-file) needs to be added to generate G-code correctly for the milling machine.
  • Extract the zip file and copy the uccnc.cps file to the folder: … \Inventor CAM\Posts
  • To facilitate the CAM Preparation in Inventor, you can download the following model (ZIP-file) of the milling machine’s work surface and stop. Open “Machine_Working_Table_Assembly.iam” and use it as a basis in your preparation.

The milling machine uses a control system called UCCNC

  • The demo version can be downloaded freely from the manufacturer’s website at the following link: (ZIP-file).
  • In demo mode, the software can be used to simulate the G-code generated by Inventor CAM and can thus be used as an additional check that the preparation is correct. To be able to do this, you need to add the correct profile for the milling machine (file with settings for the specific machine we have at BTH). The profile can be downloaded via the following link (ZIP-file).
  • Unzip the zip file and copy the contents to “.. \UCCNC\ Profiles”
  • You can now start the program in demo mode and load the correct module “RAW_CNC_BTH”. Then you can open the g-code you generated and simulate the tool paths in the program.

Start-up instructions for the milling machine (PDF Swedish only)

Exempel på CAM-beredning i inventor (in Swedish)
Instruktions on how to use the CNC in wooden lab (In Swedish)

If you need any help, contact Peter Blaschke.
Local H244.

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